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Dear our valuable colleagues,


Telkom Indonesia, in collaboration with Fraunhofer FOKUS, proudly presents our 1st International FUSECO FORUM ASIA (FFA) that will be held in Indonesia's beautiful Bali, 9-10 June 2014. Inspired by the successful FOKUS FUSECO FORUM (FFF) series in Berlin, the FFA leverages all the best of FFF series into Asia's unique concerns as well as empowering Asia's best ICT operators and Telco/OTT industries to exhibit their best ideas.


As we may have been aware that recent facts still show a significant number of activities that relate to country development in Asia, of which ICT development and the related research is of key importance. By this facts, it can be concluded that Asia is still in the progress to find out the best solution, not only for the technologies but also the for ecosystem to enable ICT to grow up in the region. These issues inspire FFA to understand best practices and discuss the best suited ecosystem for developing the region.


Telkom Group, as the biggest TIMES (Telecommunication, Information, Media, Edutainment, and Services) provider in Indonesia has a sincere and consistent commitment to encourage the ICT development in Indonesia and also in the region. By its masterpiece program 2014, especially IDN (Indonesia Digital Network) 2015, Telkom is giving all its best to provide better network and IT experiences for all people in Indonesia, Asia region and even worldwide.


The two-day FUSECO Forum Asia 2014 will basically cover issues around recent launches of enabling networking platforms and technologies, such as NGN/IMS, FMC, EPC, LTE, WiFi, including innovative and disruptive OTT technologies (HTML5, WebRTC, etc), notable innovation platforms and services, such as SDP/APIs, RCS, M2M, Smart City applications, newest Telco Cloud / data center technology impacts enabling new business models, such as SDN, NFV, PaaS, SaaS, and the collaboration amongst all those to realize convergent services that may be beneficial for the region. Besides those topics, FFA also presents specific topics such as Smart City and Smart Tourism Ecosystem that may take benefit from the convergences and bring better things to the region.


FFA 2014, for sure, will be one of the best networking events that you've ever attended. Sharing from recognized experts & industry players from all over the world will enable you to understand and to explore what the current situation is as well as what others do, especially in and for Asia. What makes it more special is that beautiful Bali as the event venue will enable you to get not only valuable business knowledges but also leisures all together.


Finally, I look forward to seeing you in FFA 2014. Hopefully, we can share and exhange numerous smart ideas toward Smart City development in Asia as well as worlwide while enjoying beautiful Bali.



Yours faithfully,



Rizkan Chandra

Director of Network, IT & Solution - PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk

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